I am pen and paper planner all the way! I have tried to do things on my phone or on a Goggle calendar but it's not for me.

My main planner is my bullet journal. This is where I keep track of day-to-day tasks but it's also where I do my Moon journaling and stick in any tickets or keepsakes. It's also where I put my Women's World Cup Chart and kept track of my Pokemon teams so it kind of gets everything!

Then I have my journal, which I write in every morning. I write as much as wants to come out each day. I am not a fan of morning pages and that pressure to write a set amount. Sarah Shotts wrote something really amazing about it a few month ago that really stuck with me:

"Suddenly, I realised that Julia didn’t have a magic system. She had a system that worked for her.

And sometimes worked for other people. Some of you are probably thinking this is really obvious.

But it was earth shattering for me.I wasn’t a failure. Her expectations simply did not align with my capacity."

I do also have a D&D campaign notebook but I think it's destined to never get filled because I don't think I'm enough of a people person to play as much as I'd like. 😂

I have no clue how to add photos to a comment otherwise I would have added some!

Thank you for sharing, Louise. 🖤

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Thank you for sharing I love the idea of a billet journal, but have never been able to make it stick. I get too caught up on how it looks rather than how it works!

I remember reading that they were originally designed it’s adhd in mind, but the bit that makes them helpful can get lost.

I love the quote from Sarah, I totally agree, which is why I can’t stick to morning pages. But I do try and reflect on my morning tarot draw which can help set me up for the day.

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Yes, I can understand that. Particularly as there so many flawless bullet journal's on Insta and Pinterest. Thankfully, I was able to embrace my chaos and it has served me well for the last 6 years. 😂

I didn't know that it was originally designed with ADHD in mind. That's very interesting!

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